Shropshire Mines Trust

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What We do?

In March 1996 a group, interested in mining, set up a charitable trust to acquire Tankerville Lead Mine near Pennerley which had fallen into disrepair, with the remaining features liable to collapse.

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A couple of years later the then Shropshire County Council asked whether the Trust would be prepared to take on the day to day management of Snailbeach Lead Mine which had recently been made safe and developed as an Industrial Heritage Site with a Tourist Centre.

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We have since expanded our interests to cover the whole of Shropshire. 

Mining used to be one of the major industries of Shropshire, lasting from the Roman period, or even earlier, up to the mid-20th century. Over the county, many buildings, shafts and adits associated with mining have collapsed or have been demolished and been lost forever. Strangely, as the remains get less, the public interest in industrial archaeology seems to be growing and over the past few years there has been increasing demand to see the working conditions of our ancestors. This is reflected at Ironbridge Gorge Museum and also at Snailbeach Mine where the unique surface remains have been preserved by the County Council and the Trust.

We are actively engaged in :-
- Preserving mining remains including refurbishing mine machinery.
- Managing sites like Tankerville and Snailbeach Lead Mines.
- Taking the public around the buildings and underground.
- Acquiring and preserving mining artefacts, memorabilia & records.
- Collecting local memories and oral histories on tape.
- Setting up of memorials to the miners.
- Displaying working artefacts at local shows particularly Onslow Steam Fair.
- Producing leaflets and books.
Visiting mines in Shropshire, UK and abroad.
- Organising events for the children of Snailbeach, including Halloween and Father Christmas.
- Work parties at various mine sites.

We are always looking for new members and if you are interested please contact our Membership Secretary, Steve Holding Tel. 0785 0492036 or membership@ shropshire We are all volunteers and none of us are paid for any aspect of our activities.
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Programme for 2021

This programme is provisional and will be updated throughout the year. See our Facebook and Twitter sites for the latest information.

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