6B Questions about James Ray Eddy

1.   Where did James and his father come from?


2.   What special skills did they have?


3.   How did James improve his knowledge, and improve Snailbeach Mine?


4.   In 1862 3,000 tons of lead are produced and it is worth £25 a ton. How much does the Marquis of Bath receive, if his royalties are still 7%?


5.   If 25% of the money received for lead is profit after paying all expenses and the royalties to the Marquis, this goes to the shareholders and James Ray Eddy. How much money is there?


6.   Here is the complicated sum. James says he receives ‘5 per cent of all mine profits up to £4,000. After that it was 7 and a half per cent on mine profits beyond £4,000.’ How much does he receive (not including his salary of £100)?


7.   How much is left for the shareholders of the Snailbeach Company?


8.   How much does a shareholder with one share (one sixteenth) receive?


9.   How much do Thomas Lovett’s family receive from his 2½ shares? We can assume he has died and his children or grandchildren have inherited his shares.

What do you think of the way James Ray Eddy and his father were paid?