6G Snailbeach Mine Plans in 1865 and 1900

Mine 1865.jpg

Mine 1900.jpg

IN 1865

1       How were wagons moved along the tramways?
          What evidence is there for your answer?

2       Where were the wagons filled at the mine?

3       In 1865, how do you know lead was smelted at Snailbeach?

4       Why are the pools (reservoirs) important?

5       Where is lead ore separated from other minerals?
          There are several places.

6       What do you think is at the highest point on the map?
Why is it there?

7       List all the different jobs there could be at Snailbeach Mine in 1865.


IN 1900

1       Colour in all the buildings which don’t appear to have changed.

2       Draw a circle round all the buildings which were built since 1865.

3       What does the railway bring to Snailbeach?

4       What does the railway take away from Snailbeach?

5       There is still a tramway. How is this used?

6       What shows that was it difficult to get coal to Lordshill Engine Shaft?

7       List all the different jobs there might be at Snailbeach in 1900.
How is this list different from the jobs in 1865?