6C Questions on Henry Dennis’ Tale

Read the Tale of Henry Dennis


1.   The mine has been profitable for 65 years. Is this an advantage, or is it likely to cause problems? Imagine you are Henry Dennis and describe the situation when you arrive in 1870.


2.   It is 1875. Imagine you are trying to persuade businessmen to invest in the Snailbeach Railway. What will you say?


3.   It is now 1880. Imagine you are Henry Dennis speaking to the shareholders of the mine to persuade them that you need a Compressor. What will you say?


4.   You need to drive a new level 100 metres long in the mine. How much will it cost, and how long will it take? With mechanical drilling a level could be driven at a speed of 18 metres a month at a cost of £9 per metre. Hand drilling would get you just three metres a month and cost £14 per metre.


5.   What would you describe as Henry Dennis’ greatest achievement?


6.   What was his biggest failure?